The Scent of one man's million dollar dream

He started by selling self-made ties from a box in the Empire State Building, and is today one of the world's most famous men. But when Ralph Lauren wanted to invite the world to his universe, he did not focus on the iconic clothes. Instead, he put his dream in a bottle.

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This is Polo Blue

The history of The Scent, what it stands for, When it was launched and how it became an instant classic. Talk about the history of Polo´s fragrances, from the first launch in 1978, to the fragrances that exist today. Show the readers that Polo Blue is an iconic product, with a lot of pride and heritage. The vision of one man’s dream, caught in a bottle.

"Polo Blue reminds me of sitting by the ocean, staring at a clear, blue sky." Ralph Lauren

The dream of Ralph Lauren

For some of us it takes a lifetime to discover the meaning of life, others know it from the start. Ralph Lauren, the son of Jewish immigrants, grew up in Brooklyn in the forties. From an early age, he dreamt of becoming a moviestar and declared in the school yearbook that his goal was to become a millionaire. But reaching that goal meant a lot of hard work. This is his journet, from out-of-the-box sales of ties in the Empire State Building to today’s fashion universe.

The Dream Becomes Reality

Today, Ralph Laurens universe is in place. Describe all the elements of the brand’s offer, and the environments in which they are available. Fashion. Sports. Sailing. Wonderful vacations. Family. Home decor. All this is the result of one Brooklyn boy who dared to dream.

Polo Blue fits perfect into his universe

Back to Polo Blue. Explain how this fragrance, with its own special character, exemplify Ralph Lauren’s universe. And those who want to take part of it, those who wants to be a piece of his universe, can do so by adding Polo Blue.


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